Technically speaking, I'm a self-taught artist and designer and like my fellow artists, I'm driven by an unbridled passion. Everything in my creative world revolves around interiors and the decorative arts. In light of the fact that my degree is in marketing I spent years exploring ways to translate my love of design into a marketable product.  The answer became clear: ART! 

I love experimenting with printed images, oftentimes dying the paper in black tea for an effect of old parchment. The images on my paper are sometimes derived from antique sources such as old books or postcards, but much of it comes from photos  I've taken myself. I have a habit of photographing decorative pieces such as my grandmother's hand-painted dishes, treasures I've seen or purchased  on my European travels, or textiles of any kind. 

Thank you for visiting my site...I hope you enjoy browsing!

Paula Ibarguen